Frequently Asked Questions

Connections (inputs)

EGRET communicates with the following Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs):

MCC-2533 (used also by Qualisys and Kistler)
MCC-1616 (used also by Qualisys)

It also receives data from Biometrics Ltd data acquisition software. See the help section on how to connect Biometrics ltd devices to EGRET.

The list of supported input modes is available in the “Configuration” module of the software. There you can choose your input module. If the software successfully detects the input, you should see a note on the lower right side indication “Connected” with the name of the input mode.

We have developed and fully tested the software for MCC-2533 ADC. However, it might work with other ADCs of MCC but we cannot guarantee their full functionality. 

EGRET works with DI-720 however, it might not fully support the board when collecting data from too many channels and at high sampling rate. The reason is that Dataq DI-720 USB uses an older technology called ActiveX which has made it difficult for us to fully control the board. Therefore, you might get connection error with this board if you record from so many channels and at high sampling rate. To reduce the risk of connection error while working with this ADC, please read this technical note.


Yes, if you decide to use the software for research, education or commercial purposes after the free trial, you will need to purchase a license

You may buy a license directly from our website’s storefront at:

No. The license never expires; it is perpetual. It comes with one year support and update. Therefore, to update your software and receive user support, you will need to purchase Support and Upgrade Services?

No. Each license is for only one copy of the software to be installed and used on one computer. Therefore, you cannot use the license on more than one computer at the same time. However, you can deactivate the software on one computer and transfer the License to another computer which belongs to your own lab. 

No. You can only transfer the license from your own computers. This means that if you get a new computer for the same lab, you can transfer the license to that new computer. But you cannot transfer or sell the license to another institute or another party.

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