EGRET Software Online Documentation

Software requirements

EGRET software needs the latest version of Microsoft .net framework to function properly. If you do not have .net on your computer, EGRET will automatically install it on your computer.

You also need the install the drivers and software associated to the ADC you are using.

For MCC boards, you need to install InstaCal and configure your board there, before starting EGRET. InstaCal can be downloaded from MCC website:

For Dataq DI-720 you will need to install the drivers, software and ActiveX control of Dataq on your computer. These can be found on manufacturer’s website:

If you set the software to receive data from Biometrics Ltd, you need to have the software installed on your computer. Biometrics Ltd software should be on and working to send the data out. Otherwise, EGRET is not able to directly communicate with Biometrics Ltd Devices; it can only receive the signals send out by Biometrics Ltd software.

Please consult the manufacturers of the DAQ and systems to learn if you need a license for their products.




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