EGRET Software Online Documentation

Configuration Module

The configuration Module contains several  sections for configuring the software.

In this section, select the input device/mode for the software. The software communicate with these Analog to Digital Converters: Dataq DI-720 USB, MCC Daq devices (USB-2533, USB-231, USB-1616). EGRET can receive data from Biometrics Ltd data collection software.

Note that the software can only communicate with one of the above input modes at a time.

Read more about communicating with Dataq DI-720 from.
Read more about communicating with MCC DAQ devices.

Application Theme

You can choose between a light theme and a dark theme to adjust the look of the software.


In this section you can set the path for storing the recordings on your local hard drive.  You can set the size of each file in the “Max Size” section. Here, when the recorded file reaches the maximum size, it will continue writing data in a new file with the same name but with a numerical suffix. This feature is very helpful in preventing creating large size files which make it difficult for conversion and offline analysis.  The default value is 600 MB, but you may change it to any value.


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