A software with advanced features for electrophysiological studies

EGReT is a real-time software for data collection and display. The software is designed for collecting sufrace Electromyography (EMG) data and is tailored specifically for electrophyiology studies in which the investigator needs to measure electrophysiological responses elicited by CNS or PNS stimulation. 

One unique feature of EGReT is that it can calibrate Motion-Lab Systems (MLS) EMG devices in seconds and show the signal at the skin level.

Ideal for Electrophysiology studies

For studies involving H-reflex and Motor Evoked potentials, EGRET can measure the peak to peak or Area of the desired signal and provide the results in real-time.

The results can be saved as a text file for offline analysis.

Using MA-400 or MA-300 devices from Motion Lab Systems, you can convert the values to those at the skin level and conveniently detect MEP thresholds for scientific studies involving TMS machines. 

The Peak Analysis module plots the results in real time to enable the user to observe the trend of the electrophysiological responses.

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